What's On The Plates - Sunday April 2 - Saturday 8

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After 6 hours in on low, this came out fabulous.
I've got lots left.
One for tomorrow and one for the freezer.



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Quesadillas. Craig had chorizo, poblano pepper and onion, plus a couple of Mexican cheeses I had bits of leftover and frozen previously. I was supposed to have corn and fontinella cheese, but didn't even make it through my first piece before I stupidly yelled at 1 of the pugs while trying to chew and promptly sucked a couple pieces of corn down the wrong way. The resultant coughing fit to get them out left my chest and diaphragm really sore, think I might have pulled something, and also gave me a massive headache. So, needless to say, I decided I didn't want anymore, at least for a while


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Judy has been asking for a burger, but I'm trying to get us back on a diet. So one last hurrah until Portugal.
Her's with mayo, lettuce, pickles, onion. Mine with wiss and Peter Lugers Steak Sauce (that's NOT catsup).
Buttered and grilled brioche bun.
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Love the look of those buns. I wish I could just buy one or two, not a whole package.