Todays Lunch

Johnny West

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I made egg salad with eggs I got from our old CSA. The yolks were extremely yellow. I used shallots instead of onions and they were strong.

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Sass Muffin

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Peeps that looks wonderful.
I saw a recipe on FB with chopped boiled egg, tomatoes, corn, onions and mayo with sprinkled in fresh parm.
I cannot find the recipe online and there is a video only as it is on FB.
Later I may watch the video and takes notes lol


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I took my friend, Kathy, out to lunch for her birthday to a great diner-type place in our town. Fantastic menu, great prices, excellent food - that's why it's always packed.

She got a huge lobster roll and I got fish tacos. Got a French dip to take home for Dad's dinner.


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