What are you doing today?

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Jeff my son is much better today 😊
I've spent time with him and my friend Jules helping her get things in order for early retirement.
Like myself, she's had enough time in her nursing career.
She was afraid to do it until I explained it to her regarding savings and being smart.
So she is now going partially retired like me.
We are working together tomorrow night on the North side.
The dynamic duo. 🩺👩‍⚕️❤️


Went to Riverside park in the city today. 87 acres with a river going thru it and lots Of deer


Johnny West

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After over two weeks without a washing machine Mr. appliance got it fixed yesterday. I’ve been doing laundry all day and last load is in washer. We did a drive to DXL Tacoma and got a white shirt without cufflinks, gassed up at Costco, then hit WinCo for burger fixings for tomorrow evening. I’m patiently waiting for happy hour.


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Went to see the sand sculptures at Revere Beach this morning before the torrents of rain. They weren't quite done, but they're still awesome!

Here are some of my favorites.

I don't know the name of the horse sculpture, but the other two are "Talking to the Moon" and "Sandman".




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I've been terribly busy today running here and there.
I picked up two shifts at work both tomorrow and Saturday night.
Our new administrator is a man who was actually our administrator many years ago at the first nursing home I ever worked for in Defiance Ohio, all those years ago in the 80s.
I casually walked into his office and said "hey boss man".
He looked at me and said Hey! Where have you been all these years?
I said you got time?
I did my best to catch up, but he kept saying now wait a minute, where??


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I reset my phone today. Now hunting for passwords of everything. Good thing I always email passwords to myself with a key phrase so I can easily search them among emails. But that has led to multiple emails for the same id 😂😂😂.
It will take at least a week to recover everything. 😅


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I have passwords locked in both phone and iPad. Speaking of which, I have a new iPad to pick up at Costco, hopefully today.
An iPad is my target too. It's super expensive here.
My issue was I did a factory reset and erased all data. Phone started lagging and I had no other choice.
Funny thing is I spent twice my daily data to update things after reinstalling everything.

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Tried to take a nap, but it never happens really, or rarely lol
The wheels are always turning wondering about what's going to transpire at work.
Night shift is usually non-eventful, but then we've had our moments 🙃


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Going to lunch with my second cousin this afternoon. She and her husband are down here at the beach for a short stay. Her mother and my mother were cousins. Haven’t seen her since 2016 at my mom’s service. We are the only girls for this generation lol

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I had to take both my younger granddaughters to their doctor because they both woke up feverish.
Ty was and is still in Michigan on a tow run.
Felicia had to be at work, got off just as I came out of the clinic with the girls.
They both have strep, Elaina has an ear infection as well.
I have a car full of vomit in the back seat, which I hope Al who works for Ty's place is cleaning at the moment.
Felicia brought me back to Napoleon.
My car is still in Defiance getting cleaned and de-puked.

Is that even a word? Lol

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I'm about to wind the day up answering texts waiting from the kids, then hoping to watch some more of the series from last night.