Todays Lunch

Sass Muffin

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Just a simple low carb lunch.



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For lunch I had the last two tamales from last week. I could eat them once a week.
Those look a lot like the tamales that I buy from WalMart, larger than normal. I love them too. They're so easy in the steamer.

Chaparros Tamales Chapparro Chicken Tamales​


Johnny West

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We went to Metropolitan Market and I got a French ham and Brie baguette. We drove to Ruston Way and found a parking spot to eat lunch then went for a grove through the Tacoma Docks area and up to Federal Way and home. I neglected to get a photo of my sandwich.

Johnny West

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Today’s lunch was my wife’s leftover Freshetta ham and pineapple pizza. She added her own ham and pineapple to what they offered. She didn’t take the cardboard off the bottom so it wasn’t done last night. She gave it more time in the oven after dinner and came out ok. I’m not a fan but she wasn’t going to eat it and now it’s gone.


Johnny West

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Lunch was the last of the leftover cioppino. I added a can of copped clams and the juice and it came out like Manhattan clam chowder. I got a lot of mussels and clams that made it to the bottom of the pot, too.