What's on the menu Sunday, 2/21/2021 to Saturday, 2/27/2021?


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Bought a Pork Tenderloin today, cut it into reasonably single servings, and cut the small end into nuggets.......
Pork Tenderloin Nuggets, Steamed Broccoli, Mashed Idaho's with Gravy............

Pork Tenderloin Nuggets.JPG

Johnny West

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Last night’s fish and chips were not the best I had at Bob’s. The fries were good but the fish pieces were not the biggest I’ve had there. The batter was crispy and made the fish seem like a larger portion, if that makes sense. The shrimp were good, though. My wife had the avocado burger and it was great. I’ll try and post pictures later...

Johnny West

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Smoked gouda is ambrosia! I've never had Amana salami, but I would probably love it.

I get the smoked Gouda at Costco. My aunt sent us a gift box of Amana products for Christmas. We get a quality smoked summer sausage from Stewart’s Meats in Yelm that is fantastic.