What is Your Weather?

Sass Muffin

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It went through fast.
Holy crap.
Damage reports here in Napoleon.
*Pic of downtown by the courthouse.
*Jeff got some in Defiance by the college.
I think it's over.
I'm waiting for pics from Ty.


Johnny West

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Today‘s drive through Idaho we hit temps in the high 90°s to 109°F.
We got gas in Jerome, ID and it wasn’t to bad with no humidity. I
think the temp was 102.

Johnny West

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48° right now.
30° over night.
People on Facebook are like 😯
This was on an Ohio news/weather station.
It's October.
Folks hate to give up Summer. It’s 51° with a high of 79° Here for today. Evidently there is fires to the NE of us and an air quality alert is in effect. I’ve not heard we can’t BBQ yet.

Johnny West

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The air quality alert continues and is worse today than it was yesterday. This is putting a damper on the bbq for tomorrow. I may just pan fry the brats.


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How are our Floridians doing???

We definitely got hit with a tropical storm, but no worse. It blew some screening out on my lanai, so I'll have to try to find someone to fix that. I'm having a paella/tapas party a week from Saturday, and I would hate to have to deal with mosquitos. Hopefully I can get someone to repair it in time.

We call that 'first world problems'!

Johnny West

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It was in the 50’s when we left Vegas. When we arrived Park City it was 23° and is now 14°F.
we have indoor underground parking so that is nice.


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Last week we had no sun for several days. That's due to a turbulence in the air caused by huge burnings in India I heard. There was a huge dusty fog all over the country, and we couldn't see beyond 100 meters maybe. Warning was on for critically bad air which was below the lowest desirable levels.
Now the things are back to normal.

Johnny West

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It poured down rain all day, then let up about the time the guy came to clean our roof and gutters. He was dressed for it. A cold front came in and temp dropped from low 40’s to 31°F. We have a 30% chance of snow tonight but not holding my breath. At least we got the roof cleaned and treated.