What is Your Weather?


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We had an ice pellet event this afternoon and just like that it melted. It was fun to watch.
Until you get this kind of stuff:

This was in Solado, Tx, not my area. I think it was last Tuesday. We did have some bad weather then, but it has calmed down since then.


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As far as weather goes, it's been one heck of a day today. We've been under a severe thunderstorm warning with heavy rain, high winds, the possibility of some hail, and have been and still are under a tornado watch, eek.

Johnny West

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Do you ever get sick of all the rain out that way? I mean - I’d love to have that excuse for not mowing the lawn sometimes, lol not gonna lie.
No, I actually love it and like to get out in it, run errands and the like. my lawn needs mowing but next nice day it will be done. I’ve hired a neighbor kid to do it. 😉


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News/weather says it's going to be 90° today and 95° tomorrow, and humid. But I don't believe them. It is usually hotter. I will also stay inside. No BBQing for me.

Sass Muffin

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We're under an excessive heat advisory for the next couple of days, and also on high alert for severe weather this afternoon into the late evening.
Our weather is saying to take this very seriously as it could develop into a derecho.