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What is Your Weather?

Deadly Sushi

Formerly The Giant Mojito
Hey, we have people here from all over the world! So naturally we are wondering what your weather is like! :)


New member
At my place in Idaho itis snowing like hell and cold :snow:. Over 4 feet so far .
In California at my place it is raining ,cold and miserble:umbrella:.

At my place in Panama it may be raining :umbrella::beer::heart::), but it will be 75-85 degrees :fishing:. Wanna guess where I am headed for next week :thumb:????????heres a hint :

Hola senor !!!! Como estas Usted ??? :D


Resident Curmudgeon
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Lots of words to describe the weather here. cold, windy, snow, ice, fog, ...

just don't use warm.


Deadly Sushi

Formerly The Giant Mojito
27 °F / -3 °C
Windchill:20 °F / -7 °C Humidity:72%Dew Point:19 °F / -7 °C Wind:7 mph / 11 km/h / 3.1 m/s from the NNE
Pressure:30.00 in / 1016 hPa (Rising) Visibility:10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers UV:0 out of 16Clouds:Mostly Cloudy 1700 ft / 518 m
Overcast 2500 ft / 762 m
(Above Ground Level)
Snow Depth:1.0 in / 2.54 cm Elevation:666 ft / 203 m


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We had ice and snow last night. Roads were a nightmare.
More snow this morning, turned to rain this afternoon. Now it's going below freezing tonight. It's gonna get ugly out there. Glad I'm home for the evening.


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Second day of snowing though not much on the ground (couple of inches) Lexington, Kentucky.


The Invisible
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Tornado watches and warning out tonight. Every time a commercial break comes in, it goes to breaking news instead with where the storms are now. Oklahoma has already had them on the ground. February and our temps have been in the 70's and a cold front coming through is hitting the warm temps. woohoo, nice evening tonight:huh:
Look out sattie!


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It went up to 60 today!!!! It rained some this morning but not for long. I think tomorrow is the same but more rain.



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It's 9:47 PM and I'm out on the lanai, wearing shorts, drinking wine, smoking a nice cigar, and the weather is typical at 65 F and no wind. SW FL has the best weather in the country from mid Nov until mid Apr, bar none. Tomorrow as today the high will be eighty as will the day after that and the day after that..... The rest of the year I'm outta here.


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It's been crazy for a February in North Dakota. Two nights in a row, the temp didn't get below freezing at night. Last night, it rained off and on all night. Drizzled yesterday. Streets were pure hell! As the day wore on, the rain cut a lot of the ice/snow pack off of roadways, improving things a lot. Foggy this morning. They've been predicting 4-8 of snow, never materialized as that stuf stayed out west of us. Still calling for an inch tonight. We can handle that. It's bizzar for Feb. This is more like late March weather.


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It really is crazy here. After weeks of 10's and 20's. It was raining yesterday and it is about 40 today. I hate it.


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Started raining last night but has been downright spring like but strange as we still have snow on the ground. It has hit the low 60 the last 3 days go figure.


Stewed Monkey
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Pretty nice here last few days. In the 60's F today, most of the snow is melted and gone, DW was even able to go out and do some dormant pruning today and make some money.... coool!!


Queen of Cornbread
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The entire Atlanta area is under a tornado watch with warnings popping up all over. Thankfully for me they have been staying north of me so far. It's quiet here now but really ominous looking.


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It was almost 40 yesterday but we had a little Alberta clipper move thru with an inch of snow..... it all melted luckily but now its 15 degrees headed for -3 tonight.
Could Alberta PLEASE keep thier freakin' clippers?


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It has been close to 60 today with high winds and hail as well as scattered showers. All in all I would rather just have plain snow with colder temps or warm up and less hail.