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It was snowing here for awhile, but has stopped now. I shoveled out the front and salted it, but haven't done the back. May get to that tomorrow if I am feeling better. Supposed to be partly sunny, so maybe if it is warm enough it will melt away for me, LOL. Only a couple of inches, so that's good.

The Tourist

I caught some of this morning's TV news reports. It's funny how folks view 'bad weather.'

For example, in Madison we don't start to concern ourselves unless we hear the prediction of "blowing and drifting." The news that 2" to 4" of snow coming simply means I wear a jean jacket and fill my gas tank.

If we drop into single digit temperatures, I which over to a lined jean jacket. I have a hat in the truck if it gets below that.

Now, I heard Jay Leno once do a series of jokes about some intense rain that folks in Los Angeles was experiencing. He reported that traffic was backed up, people were skidding around and folks were almost in meltdown. From rain?

My inlaws live in Milwaukee. Not only do they get the storms, but they get "lake effect snow" on top of it. They usually opine that they might wait a bit on going to the grocery store to see how traffic gets. They don't cancel their plans, they simply delay them.


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IT'S COLD! LOL! FOR HERE, ANYWAY. Heat's on all night!

Current conditions (as of 5:53 AM)Today's forecast°F | °C
Red Flag Warning

45°F Feels like: 42°F

Barometer:30.2 in
Dewpoint:40°Humidity:83%Visibility:10 milesPrecip in last hr:0 inPrecip last 24 hrs:0 in

Wind:5 mph NSunrise:6:49 AMSunset:6:29 PMUV Index:0 Low


Stewed Monkey
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Well I shoveled out the front, and the next day most of the snow melted, LOL. Today there were light flurries but didn't amount to anything.
Needs to stay snow free this week cause DW has a couple more clients to do dormant pruning for and we could use the money!


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They're calling for 32, today. HEAT WAVE!!! Sound like the rest of the week's s'posed to be fairly mild. I see they're looking for a dab of freezing rain and/or snow Thursday night.

I'm sick of snow!


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Well, it's 17 degrees here now with a windchill of 3 degrees. Supposed to get some snow showers.

We're getting a heat wave this weekend, it's going up to 45-48!!!


Mr. Green Jeans

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Weather since last weekend has been widely scattered lousy in the PNW. Sun yesterday but cold nearly 20 degrees below average. It is supposed to be improving toward the weekend. Crossing fingers nothing germinating in the garden yet. C'mon spring!


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Since our lovely weekend we seem to be back on a slow descent to crap... overcast and cool today.. dropping at night... still better than the bitter cold we had a week ago.


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The high here today is supposed to be 78, right now it's 75, sunny & beautiful. But, by Friday it's supposed to be raining with a high of only 42. Sucks that I'm off work Friday!:glare:


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Beautiful! Sun shinning and 78 degrees....Make that 80 degrees! :a1:
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1*F , wind gust up to 50mph... gusting blowing snow

i am so ready for spring and summer..lol


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37 here....feels colder though! At least the wind has died down so not to keep waking up the little one!


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-11 here, now. S'posed to dip to -15 or lower. Good thing is, the wind's died down, so it doesn't feel too bad.