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What are you eating Sunday 1/22/2023 to Saturday 1/28/2023?


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Trying something new. Fiesta Chicken Casserole


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Made this entirely of things I had on hand from the freezer.
Leftover teriyaki steak, frozen medium size shrimp and broccoli.
Made my own sauce this time - because the P.F. Chang sesame and teriyaki sauce I've got in the fridge is a bit too much something.
So I used low-sodium soy sauce, a little brown sugar, some honey and minced garlic.



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Oh WOW!!!

I'm slowly working on cleaning out the freezers and buying only 1 or 2 proteins a week, though I did buy 3 yesterday since chicken thighs were on sale for $0.99 a pound, Italian sausage for $2.49 and large wild caught shrimp were $12 something.

That was the last of the lamb. I think we had bought a leg of lamb back when it was last on sale and divided it up. There was a decent sized piece in there so i divided it up for the Indian dish and then needed to do something different since it was getting used 2 nights in a row. Craig never complains when I make tzatziki and spanikopita so...


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It will soon be eggplant parmesan; already store bought from Giancarlo's bakery and specialties.
A salad with that. Dessert sorrowfully, is now feeding the animals in the woods in the back.
I made it from a recipe from allrecipes website. I followed it to the Tee, but it so dry~~~~oops!
There is a squirrel poor thing. It's choking on the cake. 🐿️