The "Breakfast" thread

Sass Muffin

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I almost grabbed a pack at the store. How do you like those maple strips?
They're really good, Mark.
I wouldn't go as far to say better than bacon, but it comes pretty close!

I believe my store had 3 varieties, but I bought the maple again because it's so good.

Sass Muffin

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This is brunch.
I don't know if you all have these in your store deli, but they're yummy.
Vegetable pizzas, cold.
The base is a flaky crust, with a cream cheese/ranch spread, chopped broccoli, tomato, carrot and a cheese blend.


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Breakfast this morning was Eggo waffles - 1 blueberry, 1 cinnamon & brown sugar. Topped with sugar-free Mrs. Butterworth syrup. Sour cream, sour cherry preserves and tangerine preserves on the side.

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