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Hi Peeps and others.

I've been quiet on the forum for the last few days because I'm worried about my oldest son Jeff.
He recently underwent tests for a heart flutter/arrhythmia.
No blockage at all.
Stress test concluded that his ejection fraction is at 30.
That's low and is very concerning.
I've been a wreck.
Understanding a bit about it, I know there isn't a whole lot they can do about it, aside from advising changes in diet and lifestyle in general.
He seems fine and is going back to the cardiologist, then has an appointment for a second opinion.
I've known people who have the same number/ and lower, who lead a normal life.
It's also possible that just because it was at 30, it could very well be higher at another time.
He was told that he could have possibly have had a silent heart attack at some point in his life.

So I haven't been much in the mood for cooking or posting.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers please.

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Thanks guys.
We just had lunch together at the Mexican place.
Quite honestly you'd never know there was anything wrong.
Mama Bear made sure he ate healthy 😊
He's watching sodium, calories and is taking up riding his bike again, the indoor exercise bike.
I was discussing the findings with him and further discussed it with my RN/ER trauma nurse friend Angela. His EF is closer to 38, which is certainly better than 30.
Thank you.

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Good day indeed!
My son went to a cardiologist who wants him to have an echocardiogram tomorrow to confirm his suspicions that the stress test was inaccurate AND the ekg was read wrong by his doctor.😖🙄
Talk about relief!


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Rain, rain, rain today

With all the talk about gas prices, I'm going to fill my tank.


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Good day everyone! It says it's going to only be 51 °F today. And rain today and for the next 3 days.