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    Norco Stove Top Smoker - Brisket

    As promise here is my first real attempt with the Norco Stove top smoker. I found for some reason it works for about 10 minutes on both of my induction then gives me an error.. So I did it in the oven which also works fine. I set the oven for 205 deg and went with it for 30 min. then removed it...
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    Mama calling Mama

    I just wanted to say I tried your dirty rice recipe using Jimmy Dean Hot Pork sausage (I like it a bit hot). All I can say is Wow, excellent recipe and will become my standard from now on. I posted the recipe below for those that hadn't seen it as it was posted about the time you joined if I...
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    Mortar & Pestal. Who has one?

    I've had this one for years now. Don't even remember where I bought it from now. It is small but works well for my needs.
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    Please add Tapatalk to forum

    Well the title sums it up Doc. Lately most of my time is spent away from my computer leaving me on a tablet or phone. Your forums are the only ones I have to access through the browser which is slow. Thanks for considering lt.
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    M,E,R and Vacuum sealer

    Don't know why you can't see them but will try again a different way for you. At any rate by the time we moved back in '79 my kids where in their teens and all moved by '84 with 1 married, 2 in the military and the oldest in collage and working with his own place. Taken 6 hours before it hit...
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    Zucchini Gratin

    Well I got the first zucchini off the bush in my yard this week. It was a bit large being 18" long, about 4.5" dia. at the widest part of the fruit and at the smallest end about 3" in dia. It weighed close to 4 lbs. It was really hidden in the bush and didn't notice it or would of picked it much...
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    Something new I tried recently

    Now these are called Hasselback Baked Potatoes and I started with these 4 recipes combined. I made them with a steak and they are good to say the least. Each method is a different recipe however the ingredients and cooking instructions are all dead on for the amount made. I use a garlic butter...
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    Saw they opened a Trader Joe here last weekend

    I went to see my doctor this morning since I've had flu like symptoms for well over a month. At any rate not too serious as it is walking phenomia and is treatable with antibiotics. Well back on story I see they had a grand opening this weekend for 2 new Trader Joe's locally. One is beer/wine...
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    Question about Ziploc vacuum system

    I just got one of these and looks pretty good. It was given to me as a gift but I've never used it until I looked at it today. It is about 18" wide so it can seal a pretty big bag. Any input would be helpful.
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    Interesting article on US Eggs and European Eggs

    I found this really interesting though I haven't been to Europe since the 80's and really didn't pay much attention at that time. It basically spells out why US eggs can't be sold in Europe and visa versa...
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    Finally after 20 years I found it

    Well as a kid growing up my grandmother used to make the best spaghetti and meat balls I've ever had regardless of where. Well I did get her sauce recipe committed to memory however never could match her meat balls until last weekend. I guess because I though there was more to it than there was...
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    I have picked up a kind of a new cooking hobby

    As the titles says which is liking to try various alcohol beverages from Beer to hard Liquor for cooking. I've had a bottle of Laird's Applejack now for a long time in my pantry which I have no idea what to do with. So I started searching and found a Recipe page by Laird's on the web dedicated...
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    Has anyone looked at the lunch menu for the inauguration today?

    All I can say is WOW that is a heck of a lunch. I downloaded all the official recipes and none can't be made at home nor hard to find ingredients either. Here is the list of the courses and wines below: First course: Steamed Lobster with New England Clam Chowder Sauce Sautéed Spinach Sweet...
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    Chinese Cleaver. Who has one?

    Yes I have a few and even have a Town cleaver around somewhere. Oh and I actually have a few more not shown in this picture. A Chinese pattern cleaver with a paring knife is pretty much all I use.
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    The feral cat saga continues

    Well most of you know my wife and I run a self storage facility in Lexington Kentucky. Well since we have been here there have been a couple of feral cats that have hung around here. Well we have put out food but never could get any of them with more than a few feet until the last litter born...