What's On Our Plates Sunday May 28 - Saturday June 3rd


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Mark, bratburger sounds intriguing and looks wonderful! ! Did they grind up bratwurst and mix it with ground beef?

Lora, did you have the burger warm on the salad???



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Scallops & Shrimps
Onion Rings
Creamy Slaw

Shrimps & Scallops 6-2-23.JPG

Johnny West

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Tonight I’m doing oysters three ways, Nancy is making crab cakes, asparagus, I’m making a rhubarb custard pie, and there will be bubbly. Our friend’s Dave and Bess are coming for dinner. Dave and I grew up together back in Iowa.
I only did oysters two ways and all came out good. The rocks were easy to open and that’s a plus. The rhubarb pie was delicious and glad I added the zest from an orange having read about it on a different recipe.


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I sure did not expect this to taste as good as it does.
It's smoky from both the ham and smoked paprika, rich from the addition of butter to cook the onions, and the broth base as well.
I used grainy bread for dipping.
Yes I used canned green beans lol