What's On Our Plates Sunday May 28 - Saturday June 3rd


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I Love Left Overs- Having more of my Vegtable Beef Soup.

53123 Lunch.jpg

Johnny West

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Tina crossed the bridge into PA today, and did shopping in Sams Club in Easton.
She brought back a rotisserie chicken. Soon as I pulled it out of the container I took a tug on the leg,
and it didn't easily pull out, and it had some pink at the joints.... zzzzzip! right in the oven I threw it.
I have it cooking at 220 F for a couple hours.🐓
I MAY have a little; and if not, I will have something else. :fridge:
My aunt and uncle lived in Easton a long time. At one time they were back door neighbors to Larry Holmes And became good friends. They live in Bethlehem now.

Johnny West

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John, please take a picture of your fried oysters. I love the little round ones, not the huge floppy ones.

Grill rocks?

I’m a little late on this one… the oysters were smalls and you’d of loved them. You can see two to the right of the halibut. The halibut here is always fantastic and pretty much covered the oysters. The next time I go there I’m ordering a full order of oysters on the side with the halibut.

Rocks are oysters in the shell. I bought two dozen to grill Friday night.


Johnny West

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Of course, the halibut was lunch. On drive home we found out Amelia has a chorus concert tonight So no dinner. No matter, we were still full from lunch. After getting home from concert I had cheese, crackers, and tequila.

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While out shopping today I found this new bread, because I could not find my beloved Dave's.
It's a rustic wheat from The Rustik Oven.
I think it was perfect!
I also had peppered cantaloupe.
My friend Jules and I are supporting one another in our quest for healthier eating.
She's giving me great ideas and I'm doing the same for her.
Mine is more just simply wanting to eat better/healthier.
She needs to lose a few pounds, so I am there with suggestions 😊


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In the stupid 90's on this June 1st day. Our Nicoise's hit the spot.

A friend just returned from Italy and she brought me a bottle of truffle oil. I drizzled some on my tuna and egg - wow! Light, delicate, delicious!