What are you eating Sunday 3/5/2023 to Saturday 3/11/2023?


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I'm not a bit hungry tonight.
Banquet Salisbury Steak Pot Pie.
& a new bottle of wine. Wine Club sent


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I had skirt steak and a b
Me to. Chicken salad maybe? 🤔

I was working at a big dairy farm today and the milkman came to get the milk. He gave me a pint of fresh milk from the milk house ❤️ oh how I miss fresh milk from the milk house.
Raw milk? I spent summer vacations at a family member's home. They had cows and sheep.


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Crawfish Magnifique from Chef Paul Prudhomme over a mirliton. It's really just a slightly fancied up etouffee. First time we ever tried this recipe, but per Craig we will be replacing our normal etouffee from Justin Wilson with this one. He ate 3 mirliton halves with the etouffee over them. My bowl in the picture has 1. Apparently, he really liked this.