What are you eating Sunday 2/19/2023 to Saturday 2/25/2023?

Sass Muffin

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Are all the Big Boys closing now? I came thru Ohio on my way to WV last week on 70 and 35 and saw a few signs for Marc’s Big Boys. Maybe around Dayton? If we had more time we would have checked it out.
I don't believe they're all closing.
There is still one in Maumee (Toledo) and the one in Defiance is still open.


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Tortilla soup. I put so many toppings on it that you can't see that it was chock full of shredded chicken (which was tough).




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I went to Food Maxx to get a couple onion's.
While I was there- I picked up a bag of PF Chang's
Mongolian Beef.- Just $4.99- It is usually over $8.
Well that got me thinking, another mile down
the road there is a Chinese restaurant that
has fantastic Pork Egg Foo Young. I stopped
there and ordered that + a small steam rice.

Sass Muffin

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I wasn't about to fight the crowds at Spengs.
Drove by there, not a parking spot in sight.
Went to Hill's, same thing.
Well it is Friday and this is Lent so I should have expected that.
So, I went through Biggby and got a turkey/havarti and avocado Ciabatta. Got a free large iced coffee too for purchasing the sandwich.
Fresh fruit from the grocery store too.