This is what my family and I look like!

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Today is our 50th Wedding Anniversary. It’s snowing, turning to sleet, then rain. Tonight we are going to Toscano’s for dinner and hope the drive is safe.

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I remembered flowers…


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Two of the most brilliant nurses/friends that I adore
Jules and the super fantastic Quantay.
He's the first nurse I've ever met who is a body builder. All the elderly ladies love him😊
P.S. the masks: yes we have covid in the facility again grrrrrr!


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... So, the weather didn't hold you back ? - That's good !!
The weather was terrible they said getting there.
Lots of wind and rain.
Coming back, once they left the venue it was icy and slick. They didn't make it back until well after 11pm.
I didn't go. Party pooper! Lol

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Ah, so that's the famous Jules!

Sorry you missed the concert, but it sounds as if you were right to stay put!

7am yesterday morning my son Ty sent me a text saying I sure hope you don't plan on going to that concert Mother!
I took his advice.
I like Air Supply, but it's not like I'm devastated because I missed them. Lol