This is what my family and I look like!

Deadly Sushi

Formerly The Giant Mojito
Ok.... show us your mug!!!!

This is me....


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Damn Joe, I don't have a good one on the Gathering photos either. Several with you in it, but none full face....

I know that is the first place I looked and I don't have an unmodifeid picture of this just this gag one that someone photoshoped of me.


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You guys will just have to imagine me on my broom! LOL!
I don't have camera/computer stuff. SOOORRYYY!

Everyone's pics are cool. Thanks. Love 'em all.
More, more.......
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I can't let my DW see all these pretty ladies. I told her I was on a forum with a bunch of women in a nursing home, not the makings of a Hugh Hefner sweetheart calendar. Ooh La La!:thumb: Hot Mamas


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Here you go I found the orginial, I'm the old fart on the left photo take at ECG May 2008. The bottom one is from last December in North Carolina of me and my daughter in law.


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