This is what my family and I look like!


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Jocelyn & friends ...

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This is one of my former residents.
His name is Tony.
A few months ago he was released to go back to live in his group home.
He recently friended me on Facebook so we could keep a connection.
Love the guy to pieces.
He is paraplegic and is doing very well.
He warned me not to call him Tony Macaroni or Tony Baloney on social media.
Ok, if I must! 🤣
I always have nick names for my rezzies.

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She already knows that phones are out of the question. I'm glad they live out in the country away
from the city influences and what other kids are allowed to do at their age.
They play outside, swim in the pond, explore in the woods behind the house (never alone though).
Normal upbringing thank goodness.
For a while I didn't think it was going to be like that for them, because of their ahem... mother..

Thanks Lee
Cutie 🙂

Next on the list from GMA - smartphon


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Today, son Larry III completes his (20 years) mission!
He'll run in Alaska's Marathon, completing all of the Fifty...
He's also run in Germany, Italy and France, and has been accepted to run in Japan next year .

Meanwhile, the whole family is enjoying the Alaska vacation !