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I thought we had one of these threads. (Maybe I missed it, please merge if necessary). If not can someone sticky this so I can find it next time. TIA LOL :blob_blue:

Here is one of my tips:

I have been chopping/prepping all my fresh rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, onion, parsley, oregano and basil in my Braun mini food processor (love that thing) ahead of time. Nothing added to the herbs/spices. Whatever I don't use for the dish I spread each individually in a thin layer in a snack size zip top bag. Push all the air out and label bags. I place bags flat in freezer. When I need some for another dish I just snap a piece off and the bag goes back in freezer for next time. Really saves time and money. No forgetting the unused in back of fridge and having to throw it away when it goes bad. I used to buy the frozen Dorot brand cubes but that gets pricey and they add stuff to the herbs/spices.


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I used to use tap water in my Keurig. The descale light would come on pretty frequently. I don't have city water, so my tap water has a lot of mineral deposits.

I started using filtered water only in my Keurig, and the descale light hasn't come on since. I could just do the happy dance :clap:. I hate to descale.