What We're Eating January 10 - 16


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Karen gave me a hankerin' for bao. Mine have sous vide then browned pork belly, hoisin, salt pickled carrot and daikon, pickled watermelon rind, cilantro, peanuts. With the watermelon, it's kind of east meets south.


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It's the same with us. Somebody makes something that reminds us of the same or a similar dish, and then we want it.


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Beautiful Asian dishes, Peep and SS! Both look delicious!



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Our breakfast/brunch, a salad. Put some garlic in to confit in EVOO last night, then used the cloves in the salad, rendered some bacon at a low temp, then used the fat to cook some shallots, made a dressing with balsamic, S and P, then dressed the arugula with the warm dressing, sprinkled with the bacon pieces and garlic pieces, placed a fried egg on top. Leftover mashies made potato cakes. Different, but good.
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Johnny West

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Last night’s air fried tenderloins were good although they looked a bit pale. I neglected to get a picture.

A little after midnight power went out due to a windstorm which knocked down a tree over lines to my neighborhood. Power was off for 16 hours. Luckily we have a gas stove and wood burning stove. I kept the fore going all day. The wife fried bacon and burgers for dinner which hit the spot.

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I got a sub sandwich from Chief supermarket deli.
This one has turkey, Colby cheese, bib lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber slices.
I ate half and added some poppy seed dressing.
Instead of potato chips I had a few cocktail tomatoes.
The other half will be lunch tomorrow.