What is Your Weather?

Sass Muffin

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And this is interesting.
Because of the high wind up on Lake Erie, the lakefront has nearly disappeared.

This is Put-In-Bay/South Bass Island.
Our meteorologist said if you would put on waders, you could walk to Perry's Monument now lol


Sass Muffin

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When I was out and about today, omg.
I was running in and out of the car and the restaurant, then I decided I needed some things from the store lol
I was screaming, that cold is a biting cold!

It's 0/ -15 right now.

Sass Muffin

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Jules youngest son Brett lives in a mobile home temporarily, until his house gets built.
His pipes are frozen.
To get someone out there at this time of night is going to be costly.
He has all the water taps open and the furnace turned up.
He's been out on the road trucking since Thursday in Alabama.
Got home this evening.

Johnny West

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It’s a good thing I decided not to grill fish tonight. We have an atmospheric river coming in off the Pacific And raining now.