What are you eating Sunday, May 21st through Saturday, May 27, 2023?


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Boiled Hot Dogs
Air Fries
Buttered Carrots

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This piece of steak has quite a bit of fat running through it. It's a piece I reheated from last week, in a covered pan with a little olive oil and butter.
Came out deliciously tender, medium on the inside.
Rice, steamed green beans and my usual cuke, tomato and onion salad.



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We went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch today. I had an appy of calamari tempura and a side Cesar salad. Craig had Tex-Mex egg rolls that were wrapped in phyllo instead of egg roll wrappers, and a fresh tomato, basil, moz flatbread. We got 2 pieces each of cheesecake to go, mine was their Godiva cheesecake, and Craig got tiramisu and Key Lime cheesecakes.


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Leftover Moussaka from yesterday. For Tina, but not me.
Why??? ........ Cuz I was just told by Tina, that she wants a baked potato instead. She's not in the mood to eat eggplant. Huh! Actually, A couple Grilled and charred Hot Dogs sounds better for me.
I don't really understand that post, Jimmy. But I'd take moussaka any day!