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Sydney's latest...


Sass Muffin

The girls this morning with the ducklings.
They're going to be for the pond, once they are old enough.
Right now they are on the side sleeping porch.
If it gets too hot today, we'll put them in the basement.


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Sass Muffin

She has kiddie sunglasses, several pair.
I've tried to put my glasses on her and she backs away or runs away giggling.
Now if l leave them sitting on a table, that's a whole other story.
I found them inside the clothes dryer one day.
I kept asking Where are Nana's glasses?!
Finally she said "in deaya!"
Little stink pot.. lol


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Everyone was on pins and needles today
The GGS started his first day in DAY CARE....
HE LOVED it! Ate breakfast and lunch. Took his nappy nappy, and didn't cry.
Mommy is at work ( Dome Hepo ) and she will get him and drop him off here; seeing she has to go back to work. 10 minutes from here to her work, and to the daycare center.



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I meant to post this here the other day after getting a bunch of lovely birthday wishes.

Five of my friends and I have been passing around this Traveling Birthday Crown (I think I bought it at a dollar store) for 5 or 6 years now. We each have a photo taken of ourselves wearing the crown on our birthday.

Here's my 2018 crown photo in my next door neighbor's backyard.



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Johnny West

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I've not posted a picture of Amelia in awhile.
Yesterday her other grandparents and uncle
went to French bakery for breakfast. She loves
to do the drawing. Today we get her for a change.


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Son Larry works security at Eagles Home Games...
He landed a Security Gig at the Super Bowl Ring Ceremonies Last Week...


He reported that it was quite the event.. no expense spared...




And He gets to purchase a Super Bowl Ring... not the same as what the team gets but still a great keepsake....

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