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I have been getting this for my chili and stews/goulash type dishes. Kind of an umami boost some say.

Do you use it? Do you believe it is bad for you? Some folks complain of headaches after reading up. The grocery stores here don’t carry it after the bad rap it ha received so I Amazon it.



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"SkyLine" brand hot sauce works for me with Chili. Never have goulash. Never have used the MSG ...never even seen it in the store. Might have to try it. Is it spicy?


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I used to use MSG but can’t find it anymore. Now I use Accent. I think it adds to the taste. I’ll have to look on Amazon.


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Every once in a while, I use Accent. It doesn't give me a headache, and I've never had anyone tell me that it gives them a headache.
I do know that some of the Chinese restaurants advertise, "no MSG," so it must be a big deal for some people.


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Accent IS pure MSG.

Most of the stories about headaches have been disproven. MSG occurs naturally in many foods like tomatoes, anchovies, cheese, mushrooms, etc. Its strange that all those lemming that claim MSG gives them symptoms don't have any problems eating cheese and tomatoes. Peeps is right. It's a salt.