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Looks great. Love how you did the grill to have a direct and indirect heat.
Looking forward to the answer to Lee's question.

Johnny West

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Burger for me, please. With cheese.

How were the "plant-based whatevers"?

We don’t have any cheese in the house with her on this vegan kick. I’m getting some blue cheese for my next grilling.

I grill over direct heat but do put them on the cool side with the lid on to let them finish while I do other things.

I’ve never eaten a plant based whatever.

Johnny West

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Ann came to dinner this evening. She wanted exact measurements on the potato salad dish but my wife makes it by feel and taste. Anyway she left with an idea of what to do.

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Johnny West

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No cheese again last night. If I don’t cut the cheese, It doesn’t get cut.

It was 48 degrees F with a wind and chilly and I’m still wearing shorts. The fire was nice.


Johnny West

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Tonight was the first BBQ of the year. The rain was spotty and held off when I was ready to grill.The burgers were Omaha Steak burgers that came with steaks that were gifted to us and good. Her fermented dill pickles don’t seem as salty as they were when made.