What is Your Weather?


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Slightly cooler today, but not much.
Next week is going to be gorgeous.
Last night there were hellacious storms going through, which shifted up to the lake shore and into Detroit metro. Several people died up there 😞

Sass Muffin

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I'm hearing interesting stuff about this hurricane, in that it's going to be different, more dangerous than most in a long while.
The meterologist on CNN said it's because the water in the Gulf is very warm.


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The water in the gulf is nearly 100 degrees in places! Thank heavens the eye is going to miss us, but the bands have been coming through all evening, and have now started to intensify. We are getting wind gusts up to 50 MPH, lots of rain (which we needed), but so far nothing worse.

The eye is currently at 115 MPH, and getting worse. Keep those folks in your thoughts.