What are you eating Sunday 3/31/2024 to Saturday 4/6/2024?

Johnny West

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Tonight it was Easter egg salad sandwiches, anchovy stuffed manzanilla olives, and potato chips in a Holiday Inn Express.



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Those wings look AWESOME! How did you make them?!

Sass Muffin

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Cottage pie is prepped and hanging out in the fridge until later.
Meat base filling is - 1 lb ground beef (added ketchup, mustard, minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce and a generous dash of cinnamon), peas and corn.
Potatoes are Bob Evans loaded mash.


Sass Muffin

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I went ahead and put this in the oven.
I'm starving (no breakfast or lunch today, too busy).
Pat nextdoor is getting a big hunk, as well.

I often wonder what Steve's mom would think of my cottage pie.
She's the first person to ever show me how to make one, but hers were always shepherd's pies with minced lamb.
Here's to you Mrs.Betty Callaghan!
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