This is what my family and I look like!


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It was a long time ago when I posted my pic to here at the last time but now here is the new one. I (on the left) and my collegue, going to take care of covid-19 patients.



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Our Dancing Queen again !

"This beautiful portrait of 2024 senior influencer Jocelyn with her lifelong collection of pointe shoes was just featured as a full page image in the Spring Issue of Senior Muse Magazine, @seniormuse which features the best work of senior portrait photographers from across the country. Congratulations Joce!


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Jules down 70 pounds.
She said she's done with dieting, but is still watching it.
I'm getting a tad concerned because when I hugged her the other day I said girl! I could wrap my arms around you twice.
She's proud of what she's accomplished through keto, and so am I.
But go back to sensible eating.