Steelhead Trout on the Big Green Egg


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The stores here in my part of Wisconsin have Steelhead. This recipe from my buddy Alan:

Steelhead Trout on the Big Green Egg
Soak a board for a few hours
Preheat Egg to 350. No plate setter.
Put a rub on the fish (only on one side) and let it sit about 1/2 hr.
Put the soaked board on the heat for 3 min. Then flip it and put the steelhead on - skin side down.
Shut lid and let cook for 20 min.

Bottom picture: Sauteed on the left, planked on the right, with sweet potatoes.





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steelhead is one of my favs -

are you getting wild caught up there?

Good question and I'll take a look at the store later today. The Steelhead might be Canada fish farmed like most of the Walleye we get.

Fran and I thought the Steelhead was at least as good as Salmon. To add, I thought the planked fish was better but I used some apple smoke when I Egged it so it's an unfair advantage.


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Wow, Buzz, that must have been one huge trout!

I've only seen trout about the size of the photo below, which is supposedly an "Eastern Brook Trout".

I had it once on top of a salad in New Mexico. The flesh was brown. Didn't care for it.

I like the looks of your friend's trout, though.



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The Steelhead was farmed in Chile.

I need to get an electric smoker that will maintain 160 degrees. The Egg won't do that easily enough.


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I saw some in our market recently - it was farmed as well and it was a HuGe! filet compared to salmon right along side.

the color was not near what the wild steelheads are - I passed. actually I pass on all not-still-frozen fish from our Giant.

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My bud caught a 10 lb+ steelhead in the Kalama yesterday. He said I could have some and will get it tomorrow.

How does the rub work? I like to pan fry in canola oil.