Let's talk about our pets.


It's the hardest thing ever, losing a pet.
I'll never get over losing Gretchen.
Hugs Mark
Thank you. ❤️ I remember when you lost Gretchen. :(

My Grand kids :)



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I'm done with pets when our current ones pass. Said I was done when our last pugs passed, but then we folded and got Arwin and Strider, the pugs. Not going to give in next time. I don't want to leave a pet that has had been treated like a child to an uncertain future and we are getting too up in years to guarantee that they won't.


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She won’t eat or drink.
I know how you feel. I had a cocker spaniel that I just loved to pieces. She got to the point where she wouldn't eat. I tried everything, even hand feeding her scrambled eggs. She ate that for a while, but got to the point where she wouldn't even eat that. It's heartbreaking.


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And I thought my cats had a lot of toys :mrgreen:
That's just the barn yarn toys. When DD worked at PetValu she went nuts buying toys and treats. We have 6X that many toys, and they play with them all. Every day, they pull all the toys out of the toy basket and spread them throughout the house.


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She's a doll, Dan!

Thanks Lee- I was reading above to watch out puppy not to chew the shoes.
Hallie never did that- but she would take one shoe and hide it in the back yard.
no chewing, I think she figured we couldn't go anywhere LOL Hallie
is a good dog- very smart.