Whats Everyone Drinking Tonight!?!?


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I'm drinking an Australian Shiraz called "Upside Down". On sale, 2 for $14.

I like it a lot!

Started with a Tanqueray martini (three large olives), the my buddy and I split a bottle of Austrailian Shiraz with dinner.



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I'm drinking an Amber Bock beer right now and about to head to bed.


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We actually started the evening with a drink called 'the godfather'

It was scotch and amaretto, 2 to 1. Initially, it was just a bit too sweet, so we added another 1/2 of scotch. Not bad, but still, just a tad too sweet.

It would make a very nice after dinner drink. We moved to straight scotch, of a better quality, for the next round.

Making burgers outside today...will most likely open a bottle of wine for that.


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Friday night shared a bottle of HobNob Merlot, which unfortunatley is a French product, but very good.

Last night we simply sipped on a snifter of Bailey's.


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I was gonna have nothing, but judging my the behavior so far of my children in the last 2 hours I have been home from work, I'm thinking about 3 Sam Adams....
I will marry that Sam one day. :)


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Buckler, import from Holland.

non-alcoholic, I can't have alcohol with some of the meds I'm on :bounce:


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Rolling Rock... even though I am philosophically oppossed to them for not being made in PA anymore... accompanied by some Killz2Premium fumes... good stuff

smoke king

Well lets see. Super Bowl Sunday started about 11 AM. My beer fridge was full of an assortment of leftover "drop-in" beers. I started with a Leinekugel Berry Weiss (affectionately referred to as "Breakfast beer" by my dysfunctional family) After that, I tore through the Coranitas (7 oz Coronas), a lone bottle of Bud light lime, a few stray Bud lights, several Miller lites, and now, with the fourth quarter upon us, I'm left with a lone bottle of some sort of "Oatmeal ale":sick: and 4 bottles of Mikes hard lemonade.

Since I'm in no shape to drive, I guess its time to look through the liquor cabinet!!! Go schhhteeelers!!


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Three fingers of Black Velvet on the rocks. (For medicinal purposes only)


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oooo brandy..... gonna buy more tomorrow.

Finishing off the Sam Adams.... there's 3 so maybe not I'l probably only have 2.


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Suziequzie, I know how you feel; the five kids can and do drive me NUTS sometime.

We went out this afternoon, to go to the boat show that's here. Well, it didn't start for another 2 hours, AND it's $20/person. I AM NOT flipping out that kind of money unless I'm buying something.

On the way home, my 4 y.o. daughter vomited. Looks like she's got the bug I had a couple days ago. While I was cooking dinner, she heaved a couple more times, then one of my twins heaved as well. Great......and I'm out of beer!

I guess I'll have a shot of tequila when I go to bed.


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Allen... projectile vomiting children seems to be going around my office... YUK glad I only have dogs

Tonight still rolling rock... wasn't gonna but I am so pissed about the fence issue