What are you eating Sunday, 11/22/2020 to Saturday, 11/28/2020?


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Rain day so I stayed home and smoked some ribs. Appy will be Jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and chorizo sausage and wrapped in bacon.



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Had Wendy's at around 4:00 which was actually lunch. I am a bit hungry but wiped out from doing hours of prep for tomorrow. Should have done some yesterday.


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Same here peeps. hhahaha.... just finished slicing 4 lbs. of the mozzarella for the lasagna.
Turkey is thawed. 18lb. A lot of ice in that bird. I'll bet, at least 2 lbs.
Supper was a burger from Wendy's and a small fries. Tina had mashed potatoes.


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Dinner at Nate's was great yesterday, and the care package sent home with me would have made a great dinner........ BUT , ate half of it late last night , and polished off the remainder for lunch today ........ SO .........

A Mini=Lasagna, and some Steamed Sprouts... Pasta salad.
Lasagna 11-17-20 a.JPG