Turkey just doesn't smell right..


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I found an old turkey in the bottom of my freezer, it was frozen when I put it in there and it was still frozen when I took it out, it's been in there maybe 3+ years. After it thawed in the fridge for 3 days I was preparing it to go in the roaster and noticed an odd smell, not a sour rotten smell, maybe a freezer burnt smell. The skin wasn't stretchy and dry like normal turkey skin, it was kinda hard and had a greasy feeling, I figured maybe it was because it stayed in the freezer to long. I cooked it in the oven anyways to see how it would turn out, even when it was cooking it didn't have that smell like a turkey should have. After cooking I cut a little piece off and smelt it, still had that a little odd smell and taste. I'm not sure to eat any of it or not, could the turkey just have been a little freezer burnt or could the turkey gone bad somehow, I don't want to get sick if I eat it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you...


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Well, according to the internet, you can safely eat it. However, if the smell and taste is preventing you from enjoying it, toss it.



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Had that happen twice, that I can remember. Once..... one bird was a two year old freezer that was dry and smelled like a buzzard. The other one, was an Kosher turkey. After we thawed it, 1/3 of it still had feathers on it, and the head was stuffed inside the cavity of the bird. I chucked it into the woods for the buzzards to feast on. I don't eat Beaks eyes and gullets or combs on any birds.
Don't like beaks and feet in my eggs either....... "Gee Aye Gee"


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To put all that drama
Wevac Chamber Vacuum Food Sealer..jpg
with the turkey to bed, next time, buy it in separate parts, then get THIS. Oh. in case you're wondering, yes, it does vacuum seal large items from the outside of the unit as well. I don't even buy a small turkey whole because it's just too much for me, & parts are much easier to deal with. In that case, I'd just buy a small whole fryer chicken & be happy. At least, that's MY take on it!! :whistling:
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I do what I call a mini turkey dinner with just a half of the breast. Everything else in small amounts!! Hah!! :whistling: