Queso Fundido


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This was a NYTimes recipe that was seriously flawed. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013352-queso-fundido-with-chorizo-jalapeno-and-cilantro

I wish I'd read the reviews before I made the dip.

No way should Monterey Jack be used like this for a dip! Almost as soon as I took it from under the broiler, the cheese started to congeal so solidly that we had a hard time dipping our Tostitos Scoops in it.

The flavor was excellent, and I would make Queso Fundido again ... just using a different recipe. And/or a fondu pot. Or a cast iron pan.

Anyone have a TNT one?


Ingredients - the chourico is the dry version

Queso 1.JPG

Before broiling

Queso 2.JPG

After broiling

Queso 3.JPG