Jack Fruit Taquitos

Johnny West

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We had these last night as an appy and they were excellent. The mrs got the jack fruit on amazon and it came as a six pack so look forward to having more, probably at cinco de mayo. I imagine Asian grocers carry jack fruit, as it's a product of Sri Lanka. I didn't get a picture but ours came out just like the photo on the web site. She made a dipping sauce from sour cream and medium salsa. :heart:



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I've never had jackfruit. Is it really a fruit? Is it sweet?


Johnny West

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It's a type of breadfruit and national fruit of Bangladesh. Wiki does a good rundown on it. It can be sweet and used for desserts or as a meat substitute. The can says it can be used tacos or sloppy joes. What we got is brined so not for desserts.


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