Horseradish brands


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LuckyTrim posted a dinner pic containing a bowl of horseradish as a condiment (or a side dish?) with his entree. Made me wonder about brands.

My father is a big fan of horseradish. The more sinus-clearing, the better for him.

We find that Reese's is particularly pungent and holds it's potency.

Farmer's seems to be pretty good, too.

What brand(s) of horseradish do you like?



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..........A Condiment, pairing with the Sausage....

By far the best Horseradish I've ever come across.....

Will definitely cure ant Sinus blockage, will remove tongue warts, Esophagus polyps, and old paint , :yum:

the Warden and I used to go through three 32 oz. tubs per annum ..... now I buy the smaller jars...

Can't find this in the Supermarkets any more.... in a pinch , I'll buy the home-made at the Amish Market... Expensive but deadly !
There's also a Brand called "Heluvagood" , which is a great Horseradish initially, but it seems to go flat pretty quickly....

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I love the creamy Inglehoffer to spice up anything mayo-ee.
Golds is available in at least two heat levels - in the refrigerated section - I like the 'normal' and really have not wanted to try the killer hot stuff....