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Tried the Italian sausage from Giuseppe's. The PLAIN ( not hot ), was not dry. It was rather lean once the sausage was cooked. Not a bit greasy, and the texture was course, and moist. There was no fennel to flavor, and no hint of garlic.
The HOT sausage was not hot at all. It was colored red from paprika. No fennel, and no garlic flavor. It had the same texture as the plain; which was good. Tina even tasted the HOT, and said it was mildly hot. She would start fanning her open mouth with her hand if it was hot, believe me. LOL. Little more fat than I would like, but that is the belly fat. See the white specks of fat....?
That is what keeps it moist, and I cooked the heck out of it. No grizzle thank Goodness.
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Excellent post, Jimmy! Wish I had been there!