Coke or Pepsi

Coke or Pepsi

  • Coke

    Votes: 20 43.5%
  • Diet Coke

    Votes: 9 19.6%
  • Pepsi

    Votes: 12 26.1%
  • Diet Pepsi

    Votes: 5 10.9%

  • Total voters


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Marraige is like snorting Pepsi... I like that...

If I want a cherry Pepsi or Coke I make it myself... I prefer to add in my own cherry syrup, and even a cherry, to make it! They did it that way at Denny's for awhile, loved it done like that, but not from the bottle or can.


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I'm addicted to Pepsi...I had an interesting hospital stay for a week year before last & when I got out all I wanted was Pepsi. It's kinda stayed that way. We do drink at least a gallon of sweet tea a day though.
Before my hospital stay I drank a lot of diet sodas & ate a lot of things with artificial sweetners. I started having chronic joint pain & other health problems. My doctor tested me for rhumatoid arthritis, fibromyalga, & several other things but could find nothing wrong with me to explain the pain. It wasn't until I was in the hospital for a totally seperate reason that my doctor there determined I had aspartame poisoning. He imediately cut out all artificial sweetners from my diet & by the time I was released, I was 75% free of the joint pain & all other symptoms. Now, I read lab;es very carefully because even a piece of gum or candy that's sugar free will give me a headache.


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Wow Crew, really makes you think on that one!

yeah, like what was the "totally seperate reason"???


the doctor found nothing else wrong???

"nurse, check her for fibromyalgia. and for god's sake, would someone get this woman a pair of pants!!!!"


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"nurse, check her for fibromyalgia. and for god's sake, would someone get this woman a pair of pants!!!!"

Why? :huh: She looks just fine without 'em !:wink:


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I seldom drink soda except with my once weekly fast food fix, and then it depends on whether the joint has Coke or Pepsi.
When I'm not feeling well, I like Diet Mountain doesn't taste at all like a diet drink, and all that caffeine really gives you a lift.

But most of the time, I start my day with plain iced tea (de-caf), have milk with my meals, drink several beers before supper and have ice water next to my bed at night, as I often wake up thirsty.


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I do like the Coke Slurpee (Slushee whatever each place calls em) over the Pepsi ones, unless it is the Wild Cherry Pepsi. Also real good if you add Cherry Fanta Slurpee to the Coke Slurpee to make your own.
Nothing beats the Vanilla Bean Slurpee though, followed by the Mountain Dew Slurpee!


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Back in the days when I could drink soda before it started making me sick, I LOVED Pepsi!


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Blue Sky!