wine question


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the wife and i are not big wine drinkers ..
but we have decided we both are in the mood for some
tonight ..
she likes wine to be chilled .. and fruity tasting ..
not into bitter after tastes if you know what i mean ..
i think dinner will probably be fairly simple ..
maybe some bbq chicken and roasted potato ..
so figure this is place to ask ..
also .. not looking to drop 20 bucks on something
she will not like ...


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my step mom is a big fan Pink Zinfandel ... she makes spritzers and guzzles it like there is no tomorrow.... not a wine drinkers wine but definitley fruity and sweet (not sweet like boones or anything) also you can usually find a big bottle (or box) of it very cheaply.


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Hey, Q. I like light, fruity wines, too. White zinfandel is my go-to favorite - Sutter Home is good. I also like Pinot Grigio - Barefoot is a good one. And Bucky's right about German wines - Gewurtztraminer is very good, sweeter than the others. And all are priced right :smile:


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If you have a Trader Joe's near you, you can ask their wine person for suggestions. Their wines are very inexpensive and will give you an idea of what you like and don't like.
Some folks like the Two Buck Chuck. I, myself have just read about it.