What's your favourite tea?


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about a year and a half ago, my wife bought me a fancy little japanese cast iron teapot and a few teas. somehow, the teas got lost in the house, but i recently found them. fortunately, they came in sealed and lined cans so the teas were still fresh. i've been enjoying a large mug every morning lately of a delicious basic sencha (green), and something called "lake tung ting jade oolong".

the sencha is as good as any i've ever had in any japanese restaurant, and i've been to a lot of them in jersey and nyc. it's fresh tasting, flavorful and aromatic, and i dunno; i just feel healthier drinking it.

the oolong is really delicate, with very subtle astringency, and sweet, floral aromas and flavor. the whole leaves are rolled into little balls before drying, which then open up when infused; very cool to watch. lots of caffeine too, in the first flush. :thumb::w00t2: it's so sweet that it's good either hot or cold.

the next time that we're in the mall, i'll be stopping by here www.teavana.com for more.

my other old standard favourite teas are from here: www.harney.com . i like their early grey supreme and tropical green teas.

the earl grey supreme is very good, made with extra bergamot and silver tips (white tea). a good, standard, strong cup of tea, with a nice citrus background.

the tropical green is pretty neat! a very basic green tea, nothing special, but with a fantastic pineapple aroma. a cup of this and a pipe in the afternoon makes any room smell great!

so what are your favourite teas, and where do you get them???

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Black teas are the best IMO.
Love my PG-tips which I get from the imports section of The Anderson's market.
Earl Grey-when I am in the mood for it.


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I love Earl Gray and English Breakfast.

Our Persain Friend makes an Ahmead Tea ( made in London) Darjiiling with some peach flavor added that is to die for! Very yummy after a good Persian dinner.


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I'm afraid my favorite is a bit stronger than normal tea - Long Island Iced Tea!


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Lipton makes awaesome Red rose tea. For some reason it is not marketed here in the states, but it is available in Canada.


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I like teavana and harney teas as well. I have a pretty teavana teapot and cups from them as well. Teavana is now open in Sawgrass Mills Mall. It is great to be able to walk around with a cuppa their tea.


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I like Chai - strong tea brewed with the milk and spices added. I have some marsala chai tea bags at the moment. I have drunk fresh made Chai - lovely.


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I'm not much on teas but my wife is and I've tasted some she drinks that are very good. I'm more of a coffee drinker unless I'm sick then hot tea, shot of rum, lemon and honey followed by crashing and burning for the night.

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I'm with Bams.....SWEET! Made with Luzianne tea bags.

Oh yeah Mama, they make the best iced tea!
Very crisp tasting.
As for sweet, I like it just sweet enough to taste, with lots of crushed ice.
Lipton's bottled peach is pretty good too.