Verizon 4G LTE to 5G

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I got a text from Verizon alerting me that phone service was moving from 4G to 5G in the area as an expansion in service.
I've lost connection a few times, and I'm hoping that comes with the territory.
In all the years I've had unlimited data, this is the first time I'm running on 5G.
I don't really notice a difference right now, because it keeps switching back and forth from one to the other 🙃 lol


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If you are using an Android phone that lets you select band, choose "5G Only" option. Because devices switch to stronger 4G over weaker 5G when signal gets weaker. I had the same issue when I started using 4G. Then many handset makers disabled that option because people were opting for the better band only. Now their option is, "prefer 5G" etc., no "5G only". Still some hand sets such as Nokia use stock Android which has the "only"options.
5G is faster than 4G even with weak reception.
However the difference can only be seen if you are uploading or downloading big files, or if you are watching HD videos etc. Else it doesn't show any significant difference.