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If you live in or near Chicago, you need to stop at DiCarlo's on Grand and Western (515 N Western).

Danny picked up two great close-out deals that you can enjoy.

One is Mionetto Brut Prosecco. Simply stated, this is one of THE best Brut Champagne's Danny or I or our wives have ever had, and we've had some very nice Bruts. I think he is selling it at around 9 bucks a bottle.

The other is HobNob Merlot. All I can say is wow - a very fine wine, and presents itself much better than most wines I've tasted. Another bargain at 8 or so bucks.

If these weren't closeouts, I'm sure they'd sell at least three times Danny's price.

Buy a few cases of each - these are special.
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Depending on when my daughter delievers i might be in Chicago real soon. :D