Trader Joes in Fl., just in time for BUZZ?


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Oh, I've passed by Randy's and whiled away some time at the shopping plaza diagnally across the street (I think) when I took dad for some medical thing on Immokalee Rd.
Is my thought correct in the area where I'm thinking? (what'd she say? huh?)

I always think one of these days I"d go to Randy's also and see if I could get some fresh monkfish, conch, or skate. Haven't made it there either.
It's only about 25 miles away, but I always seem to have the things in my life leading me in the opposite direction, toward Marco.


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Yep, you are thinking of the correct area.

DW and I used to get down to Marco once in awhile but now we hardly even go downtown. When we first moved into the North Naples area there was nothing but tomato fields and orange groves, but now we have a plethora of restaurants and shopping within a couple miles of the house, not to mention the beach. :)