This is how tofu should look


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There are tons of ways to make tofu. This is one of the easiest, and most fool proof. The tofu absorbs plenty of flavor in an overnight marinade and then simply pan fried in a little oil and some of the marinade. It shouldn't fall apart and you know its cooked by sight and it can be chilled and used in salads, sliced for sushi, or (my favorite) a tofu sandwich.

One key, whenever you use tofu, is to drain the block for 20 minutes (or longer in the fridge) before you use it. I place the tofu between two saucers and add a can of tomatoes on top. Often, I do this before work or during lunch and just leave it in the fridge.

Sweet & Spicy Tofu:



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Well, now I'd eat that, vyapti! Looking good!