Sunday Special - Pop Culture - 1970's


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Sunday Special - Pop Culture - 1970's

1. Who sang the Hit song that came out of the film, 'The Poseidon Adventure' ?

2. What was the name of the character played by a young James Brolin on the series, "Marcus Welby, M.D." ?

3. Who Am I ?

I accompanied rising star Bette Midler as a Pianist and Arranger before embarking on my own career as a singer/songwriter, with a string of 25 top forty hits. I am also a pretty good Jingle writer, with credits like 'Stuck on Band-aid', 'Like a good Neighbor' and 'You Deserve a Break Today', to name a few...

4. John Cazale played Al Pacino's brother Fredo in the 'Godfather' films.

Name the other 70's drama that featured the two actors, holding the Police at bay...

5. Name the 1978 ballad co-written by Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen.

(Hint; It was also a huge hit for 10,000 Maniacs in the 90's...) 6. In an episode of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' what was the event where Mary kept laughing inappropriately ?

7. What did John Belushi's character from 1978's "Animal House" become, according to the closing credits ?

8. In the film, "Young Frankenstein", who played the role of the blind hermit who was going to "Make Espresso" ?

9. Who was the 70's singer whose real name was Herbert Khaury ?

(Hint; Johnny Carson would know..)

10. What real-life musical family was the inspiration for 'The Partridge Family' ?

11. In the film, "Love Story", Ryan O'Neil's character attended Harvard; what university did Ali McGraw's character attend ?

12. The Ditmyers were the seldom seen neighbors of what TV family ?

a. - The Bunkers

b. - The Addams'

c. - The Clampetts

d. - The Brady's

13. What was the name of Baretta's pet Cockatoo ?

14. Name the series that featured a tool belt toting superintendent named Schneider,who kept a watchful eye on the women of his building...

15. Name the Joni Mitchell tune that featured these lines; 'Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels.

The Dizzy, Dancing way you Feel...'

16. On 'M*A*S*H', Tell me which of the Fifty these characters called home...

a. - Hawkeye Pierce

b. - B.J. Hunnicut

c. - Colonel Potter

d. - Frank Burns

17. While we're on the subject, which supporting role was played by the same

actor in the Film and the series ?

18. On 'the Flip Wilson Show', what was the name of sassy Geraldine Jones'

jealous boyfriend ?

19. In the Blockbuster film, 'JAWS', what was the name of the island where the action takes place ?

20. Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss played brothers at odds in what 1976 soapy mini-series /



1. Maureen McGovern

2. Dr. Steven Kiley

3. I am Barry Manilow

4. 'Dog Day Afternoon'

5. 'Because the Night'

6. At a Funeral

7. a Senator

8. Gene Hackman

9. Tiny Tim

10. The Cowsills

11. Radcliff

12. - d

13. Fred

14. 'One Day at a Time'

15. 'Both Sides Now'

16. Maine - California - Missouri - Indiana

17. Radar O'Reilly

18. "Killer"

19. Amity Island

20. 'Rich Man, Poor Man'