Stuffed Zucchini


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Tried something new last night....stuffed zucchini. It's just like stuffed peppers, only substitute a zucchini for the peppers. :idea:

Use your normal meatloaf recipe, hollow out a little bit of the zucchini, and prepare on the grill. :chef: We added some chunks of tomato to top if off.

I love meatloaf and like zucchini, so this was a good match up. Had some meatloaf left over so cooked that in a smaller alum pan. That will be my noon sandwich today. :shifty:
Stuffed zucchini(600 x 450).jpg
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I would think it might be to watery from the zuchini. What was the texture like? Thanks for the picture BTW.
I love photos of the food!

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Formerly The Giant Mojito
That just sounds GREAT! I bet the texture was fantastic then! I wish I had this recipe 2 weeks ago. I bought about 20 (yes 20) Zucchinis for ONE dollar and I had not a clue what to do after I tried all 3 of my recipes I knew of. I fried them, stewed and grilled them. Most of the other recipes on the internet were similar that I read.