Steak Marinade


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This is my favorite steak marinade...I know I know some feel steak should stand on it's own with only a little salt and pepper...but not everyone can afford quality steaks and not everyone likes eating the same thing time and time again, so mix it up and try this...

I'm approximating because I never really measure I just eyeball it...this would be for 2 good sized ribeyes...

1 cup soy sauce
1-2 tablespoons fresh grated ginger(I would go closer to 2+tbls because I love ginger)
8 oz can of crushed pineapple in "its own juice", NOT SYRUP
If this doesn't make enough marinade to cover your steaks you can add a little water, especially if you're marinading overnight.

All 3 of these ingredients are tenderizers, if you have a cheap steak let it sit overnight, if you have a quality rib eye a couple hours will do...the steaks, if cooked properly, will melt in your mouth...

Good additions if you choose are garlic, any kind of pepper if you want a little heat, or a little molasses if you want a little more sweet.

I like to pull the steaks from the marinade and wrap in towels while I'm getting the coals going to dry off completely.


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thanks phreak.

this sounds a lot like the marinade that my friend ozzy used on skirt steaks before grilling. he added lots of crushed garlic and a little brown sugar too, then marinated overnight.

man, they were deelish. i'm gonna have to get some skirts soon. :chef:


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Although I always read that pineapple juice is used for marinating, I haven't tasted that yet. My mom always use sodas, soy sauce, garlic and peppers.