Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Mr. Green Jeans

New member
1 15 - 16 oz can black beans drained
1 4 oz can diced roasted chiles
1 - 2 cloves garlic
1 medium onion
1 T chili powder
1 egg slightly beaten
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/4 cup queso seco cheese crumbled.
1 tsp hot sauce or Thai chili sauce

In a mixing bowl mash the beans. Process onion, garlic and chiles in a food processor and add to the mashed beans. Combine remaining ingredients and mix well. Refrigerate 1 hour to allow to firm up. I use 1/3 cup measure and form in a burger press. Fry in a medium skillet with about 2 T olive oil.
I use 1# dry beans doubling the recipe and freezing patties between sheets of wax paper. They store well for a couple of months.